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"Of Sinew and Soil"
So my incredible–and currently international–design team (Keith Garrett-web master and Matt Fitt-photographer) managed to crank out a terrific update to my website in a very short amount of time. Twelve new paintings, three new drawings, fifty new photographs, a new section of Eco-Activism links and a refreshed profile which includes a bio and photograph are now available for your viewing pleasure.  If ever you need some design support, I highly recommend Keith and Matt. They're good on that kind of rare, heroic level.
Check it:
Most recently I posted about dreams of visiting Santa Fe and spending some time there to make some work. This is still a potential, but in the meantime I have sent in an application to Great Basin National Park to be reviewed for their Darwin Lambert Artist in Residency. Great Basin NP is in Nevada, close to Baker, and features landscapes offered by the desert, a 13,000 ft. peak, 5,000 year-old bristlecone pines, over 40 "wild" caves and 6 sub-alpine lakes. The residency would be between two to four weeks long, during which I would be provided the opportunity to paint my heart out, stay in free rustic housing, share a little of what I'm doing with the public and leave a painting to be included in the Park's permanent collection.
Cross your fingers with me! I'll hear back from them in June.

I am currently working on a completely new body of work that I'm entitling "Seductive Vegetables".
Because vegetables are unspeakably sexy.
Especially vegetables painted in black and white, dramatically lit such that their suggestive forms make you wonder...vegetable? Land? Human form?
Yeah. I'm really into them.
So far we have bell peppers, cabbages, artichokes and some pumpkins.
Have some favorite provocative vegetables or fruits you'd like to suggest? Lay 'em out for me. I'll probably paint them.
Twenty-five percent of proceeds from this body of work will benefit sustainable agriculture.

By the way, did you know that to date, we have raised over $2,000 for local land preservation? "We" refers to those who have purchased my paintings, the places that have inspired me to paint them and the organizations who have supported this activism. Save Mount Diablo and Muir Heritage Land Trust have been incredible resources for this movement and you can read more about them on my website by clicking on their links in the "EcoActivism" section under "Links".
Thank you to all who have made this possible! We are making change with art!

Currently much of the work from the "Peace of Wild Things" show (that was exhibited at The Barn in Moraga, November 2010) is hanging on the walls of the beautiful hardwood yoga studio called Purusha in San Francisco. Visit and experience some Wyoming via canvas while you rest in Shivasana there.
Several works from the "Desert Vision Quest" body of work still remain at The Barn (you can see that body on my website along with the "Peace of Wild Things" body of work--check the Paintings Gallery).
Always looking for more venues, so if you hear of a call for art somewhere conscious of land preservation or some other form of Eco-Activism, please do let me know!!

That's all for now...

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